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Welcome to Live From Earth. This event is free to all but encourages people to chip in and support these high-impact organizations who are dedicated to environmental causes. Beneficiaries include the Pachamama Alliance, The Climate Initiative, Navdanya International, Conscious Alliance, Ocean Futures Society, Captain Paul Watson Foundation, UNIFY, and If Not Us Then Who.

Humanity is at a crossroads. The recent IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report is ominous. Yet simultaneously there is a groundswell of organizations and determined individuals who are bringing forth actionable solutions for our planet. The Live from Earth broadcast highlights these inspiring initiatives and exemplifies what is possible when tech platforms support communities in collaborating towards positive social and environmental change.

The climate movement has also been driven for over 3 decades with ominous statistics and doomsday predictions about the future. This does not help the movement. People tend to become overwhelmed, depressed, or hopeless from this approach. There is actually a term now for it, “crisis fatigue”. It doesn’t need to be this way!

Protecting the planet can be celebratory, it can unite people rather than divide them, it can also be an exploration in human resilience and creativity.

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Each Day Begins at 1pm PDT

– Monday April 17: Food and Water
– Tuesday, April 18: Indigenous Voices
– Wednesday, April 19: Wildlife and Habitat
– Thursday, April 20: Youth Activism
– Friday, April 21: Ocean Futures
– Saturday, April 22: Earth Day Celebration

Thank you. Together we can make a difference.