Téana David

Storyteller-Activist / Co-Director - Circle Of Wisdom

Writing and producing at the intersection of ecology and social justice, Téana is Co-Director of the Shift Your World Film Festival and Co-Director of Circle of Wisdom, a non-profit dedicated to intergenerational insight exchange.

As the former Director of Deepak HomeBase in New York City, she curated and produced over 250 events featuring prominent wellness, environmental and social justice leaders.

Raised on Vancouver Island, Téana co-wrote her first TV pilot at age 19 before going on to write for theater, acquiring a masters degree from Naropa University with a focus on playwriting and producing. With her company Wise Planet Media, she co-creates livestreams, documentaries and short form media messaging campaigns with a focus on indigenous rights and environmental justice.

She is currently serving as Impact Producer for the revolutionary new docuseries, Changing of the Gods, and is collaborating with Tribal Trust Foundation and members of the Monpa community of Bhutan on a documentary that tells the story of cultural resilience amidst a changing climate. She is a Founding Member of the advocacy group, Artists for Amazonia.