Roxi Shohadaee

CEO + Founder: habRitual, Director + ARTchitect: Design Science Studio

Roxi is the Executive Director, Co-Founder and ARTchitect of the Design Science Studio, an educational incubator for artists founded to the build capacity of the creative community to propel the design science (r)Evolution and the Regenaissance. Artists in the Design Science Studio devote their creativity to facilitate equitable, just, regenerative futures through personal, cultural and planetary change. Roxi is also the Founder + CEO of habRitual: an experiential production, interdisciplinary design and immersive art studio creating for 100% of life. Learn more about her past initiatives here.

Roxi is a regenerative artivist, protopian futurist, ontological designer, experiential producer, transdisciplinary social sculptor and creative doula. She is a student of living systems, regenerative design, herbalism and decolonial sustainability. She has over 15 years of experience working at the intersection of art, science, experience and technology. Her mission is to harness this intersectional approach to catalyze social and systemic change through inclusive, transdisciplinary collaborations for the regeneration of our planet and culture.

Her path is grounded in a commitment to creating inspiring and embodied ways of learning together. As behavior is a function of culture - she supports and develops creative cultural interventions and co-learning evolutionary containers. Her thesis is rooted in a belief that as we perpetuate equitable and just cultures, societal behaviors participating in life affirming ways of being will emerge in that process. As we are facing a crisis of imagination, Roxi’s efforts encourage collective imagination beyond the limits of the plausible and probable into the possible in service to the potential of a world where all life thrives at the expense of none. She is a deep believer and practitioner in designing for states of being, having those states of being prime us for connection, reparations and regeneration with ourselves, each other and our beautiful living planet.