Paul Redman

Filmmaker, Founder/Executive Director - If Not Us Then Who?

Born in South Africa to British parents I am a child of apartheid instilled with a determination to reveal the truth so we can heal our planet. A multi-award (19+) winning documentary filmmaker and social impact strategic communicator who has travelled the world creating environmental campaign videos, investigative exposes and participatory media for over 20 years.

From investigating the tiger skin trade in remote Tibet, discovering a never before filmed stoned face in the Peruvian jungles, filming with an ex-South African paramilitary in his private reserve in Mozambique or training frontline indigenous activists across 3 continents, my travels have allowed me to witness what it takes to save the planet.

Founder and Executive Director at ‘If Not Us Then Who’ a US based charity that uses strategic communication techniques to support the demands of indigenous and local communities across the tropical forest regions. This work includes building alliances through yearly communication events in cities globally. These events range from 4-day dialogues with influencers and creatives to outdoor projections, innovative protests and TED style talks.

In addition the organization has created over 34 participatory short films in indigenous communities, training and equipping 100s of local rural filmmakers and developed ifnotusthenwho.me as a indigenous led media impact charity with a reach of over 60 million. If Not Us Then Who has built strong partnerships with over 40 major organizations and has been featured in a number of major news outlets including The Guardian, BBC, New York Times, Le Monde and El Pais and in 2020 was awarded 'Vital Voices' Social Impact Media Award.