Michael Shaun Conaway

CEO and Director at Storyworks, a social impact creative agency

Michael Shaun Conaway is the CEO and Director at Storyworks, a social impact creative agency.  His mission is to liberate greatness in people and organizations to redesign our failing systems and create an anti-fragile, anti-rival world, one that works for all. His work is in strategy, storytelling and branding for leading edge companies building solutions for a thriving future.  In his most recent film project WeRiseUP, director Michael Shaun explores how we can redesign success at the personal, collective and universal levels to create a thriving future for humanity. Learn more at weriseup.com.

Michael Shaun is an undying champion of business as a force for good. At Storyworks, he helps companies grow their purpose, profit and impact focusing on their authentic why and their true north story.  For 20 years he has been at the vanguard of using media to move and inspire audiences to learn, grow and develop themselves to their highest potential.