Jeremy McKane

Ocean Defender / Artist / CEO - OCN.ai / Co-Founder - Ultramarine Summit

Jeremy McKane is the CEO of OCN.ai, a company that leverages technology to measure and interpret ocean data, with a focus on building a nature-based economy. He is also an accomplished artist and member of The Explorers Club, and serves as an ambassador for 5Gyres and Coral Gardeners.

In addition to his work with OCN.ai, Jeremy is also the co-founder of Ultramarine, an annual gathering on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island that brings together thought leaders, artists, business leaders, and politicians to focus on ways to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030.

Jeremy combines his work as a technologist, artist, and thought leader to build a nature-based economy, with a focus on incentivizing countries to protect the environment rather than taking from it. Through OCN.ai, Jeremy is creating a platform that enables governments, businesses, and individuals to see the value of preserving the health of the oceans.