East Forest

East Forest has a natural talent for creating soundscapes that speak to the heart. Lush and emotional, they are designed to engender deep spiritual experiences. But it would be a mistake to think of East Forest as just a musical project.

“There is a glue that unifies everything I do,” says the producer, teacher, and multidisciplinary artist. “My podcast, talks, retreats, writings, events, and the music I make are all about inviting introspection. It’s a form of trusting an individual’s inherent wisdom as they dive into their inner world and learn to make their own decisions. And for myself, this project has allowed me to stay sane. I want to share the experiences, tools and sounds that I have learned for other people to get closer to their own essence.”

This is exactly what East Forest has been doing since he began to experiment with music and the combination of meditation, technology, and psychotropic substances as a pathway for spiritual growth. “I’m really interested in forging a modern pathway that can act as an antidote to living in our hyper-speed world — to bridge the tools of our past with our rapidly advancing future.”